Gamzen Plast Pvt Ltd

Diaphragm Wall Equipment

We are well-reputed as one of the most dependable Diaphragm Wall Equipment Manufacturers in India. The use of optimum quality materials in the manufacturing of the Diaphragm Wall Special Equipment ensures notable features like high durability, tensile strength and resistivity to adverse conditions. Customers from various regions of the world are placing bulk orders for the Hydraulic Diaphragm Wall Equipment due to the unsurpassable performance exhibited in respective applications.

Cable-operated grabs for diaphragm Walls are versatile pieces of equipment widely used in the construction of foundations and trenches because of their undoubted strength, simplicity and low running cost, especially on hard ground. Rectangular or semi-circular jaws with their relative guides are interchangeable on the actual grab body. Unloading is done by taking advantage of the grab body’s weight, which when released by the rope, descends with considerable force, and thus helps detaching material from the jaws.

Details for material for construction
  • Body and grab in electro-welded steel.
  • Pins are induction-hardened EN 24 Alloy Steel.
  • Jaw cutting edges in abrasion-resistant Alloy Steel i.e. hard face well deposited.
  • Interchangeable grab ripper teeth’s are fitted on the jaws.
  • Elliptical chisel’s with eutectic hard facing are available on request for all dimensions.