Gamzen Plast Pvt Ltd

Reversible Drum Inline Batching Plants

Gamzen Reversible Drum Inline Batching Plants. They are most rugged in design, giving good output at continuous rates. The output capacity is 25 Cum/hour. The drive mechanism is very simple and has a fully automatic control system. It has a drum with gear ring fitted on it, which is driven by pinion. Its operation is simple so that the maintenance goes down. The drum is lined internally with wear plates.

Mixing drum has 8 mixing blades and 2 discharge blades of M.S heavy duty fabricated. The machine has Three Sets Idler Bearings, No Idle load on Pinion. Gear Ring is made of forged steel for extra long life (Hob Cut).

Drum Capacity : 1100 Litres (5 Cement Bag Mixer)

In Ă¢€“ Line bins : System
  • Types of aggregate : 4 Nos
  • Size of aggregate - Max : 50 mm
  • Aggregates by weight with 4 load cells
  • Vibrator is present that is used for the sand compartment on the aggregate InĂ¢€“line bin system
  • outlet